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Checkatrade Roofers Sittingbourne Kent

TD Roofers Sittingbourne Kent is a professional and trusted family-run company. We have been trading as local roofers in Sittingbourne, Faversham and Maidstone for over 25 years. Contact us on 07741 185 775

TD Roofers Sittingbourne Kent has over 25 years of experience to really support, guide and advise you on a suitable way to help avoid expensive costs today and for the future.

As experienced and trusted roofers, we are able to help clients with whatever type of roof they have or require. This can be from more traditional pitched roofs to Flat Roofs and Fibre Glass/ GRP roofs.

Flat roofs can be a challenging task if you are unsure of what you are doing. Flat roofs require to be built to allow drainage from a heavy waterfall. Also If the correct type of felt is not laid correctly, then you could potentially have server water damage leaking into your ceiling. As you know, water can cause tremendous damage inside your home or office and be very expensive to put right.

TD Roofers Sittingbourne Kent are experienced to help with all your roofing requirements and have built a fantastic business by knowing our trade inside out. As a company, we don’t need to advertise heavily and are very fortunate to be able to live off word of mouth and recommendations. The only real advertising we do for our business is on Checkatrade. The reason for this is that Checkatrade is a trusted and vetted company which gives our customers peace of mind that they are dealing with a trusted company.

Roof Repairs Sittingbourne Kent

We can help with all types of roof repairs, whether it be a Pitched Roof, Flat Roof or GRP / Fibre Glass Roof. TD Roof Repairs Sittingbourne Kent certainly have the necessary skills and expertise you require to help fix your leaking roof.

Roof Retile Sittingbourne Maidstone Faversham In Kent

Fascia, Soffit And Guttering Sittingbourne Kent

So many people still to this day don’t know what a Fascia and Soffit are.

Roof Cleaning and Moss Removal Sittingbourne Kent

Roof moss can harm your roof by retaining water, which stimulates possible corrosion on your roof; this can usually then lead onto roof leaks. TD Roofing can clean your roof and apply a protective roof coating or water sealant to help avoid expensive costs long term. Your roof is very much like your car if you don’t take good care of it and look after it regularly when it does go wrong, it can often leave you frustrated and out of pocket.

Our roof cleaning techniques will long term help maintain your roof tiles. This will help restrict the damage to any guttering, downpipes, soakaways and drains that you may have from blockages without depreciating the tiles.

Roofing Moss Removal Sittingbourne Maidstone Faversham Kent